Special Projects

Think that 14 days classification project is impossible? – try our SWAT team

AlgoTrace provides a unique service of on-demand data science projects. In the case when there is a need for a data science project that demands resources or expertise that are unavailable for the organization, AlgoTrace’s team can deliver the necessary needs.
Our data science SWAT team can deliver high quality, fast results and full transparency to management.
In most cases, when a short period of time is needed to get the job done, the results and final model can be delivered directly to the organization’s professional team.
With backing from top executives and AlgoTrace’s software tool and techniques, a data science SWAT team can produce an end-to-end project that will be robust and ready for future changes.
Providing data is available and a clear problem definition exists, AlgoTrace can deliver results in less than 14 working days.