Medical and health care research

Identifying risk factors for every patient can be a tedious task that takes considerable time and effort for professional personnel. Along with the inefficiency of the manual prognosis process, there is a high risk of miss (is there word missing?) future patients’ health status. This risk of failure in correctly classifying patients’ health status can lead to sub optimal treatment.


With AlgoTrace’s prediction solution, healthcare organizations (HCO) are able to provide an optimal treatment program for patients. AlgoTrace’s solution reduces inefficiency by correctly classifying patients’ health status and it gives the professional personnel with the ability to provide better treatment solutions for their patients.
The variety of health care projects that can be done using AlgoTrace’s prediction solution is unlimited. From disease research through operations optimization to predicting near future patients’ health conditions, AlgoTrace’s prediction engine can help to achieve the goal. The unique methods that the prediction engine uses are carried out automatically, producing fast, accurate and stable prediction models without the need for human intervention.