Fraud detection

Fraud Detection

Fraudulent behavior has become one of the most important problems that on-line companies face daily. E-payments managers are consistently evaluating the risk of fraudulent activity in order to reduce its influence on company’s credit reputation. But risk assessment is made with ad-hoc inquiring after the damage was done.  

With AlgoTrace’s prediction solution you will be able to eliminate fraudulent activity by predicting it before it occurs. Our solution will predict if a specific behaviour is legitimate or fraudulent while activity is being held. There is no need to wait for ad-hoc reports as our prediction engine will identify the attackers prior to the attack itself. This new ability will give the risk assessment and E-payments manager the opportunity to maximize profits and avoid costly mistakes while maintaining a high level of service to the legitimate customers.

Ability to know the risk for each visitor or user
On demand analysis of all suspected E-payments activities
A list of all relevant Fraudulent behavior KPIs 


You will get a pre-made data set that is based on AlgoTrace knowledge gained through conducting multiple successful campaign management models. This will allow you to jump start your own project and the start to finish time will be reduced to only a few days.