CRM applications collect and store terabytes of useful customer information. As of today, most of this data stays without a use and its value decreases. Critical one-on-one interactions with customers that could be turned into opportunities are being missed due to the lack of a predictive power that can lead the interaction with the customer to a sales opportunity.

With AlgoTrace’s prediction solution you will be able to turn a phone call interaction into a sales opportunity.  The prediction engine will be able to provide valuable information on the probability to successfully match a product or a service to the potential customer. The success rate of such offers is very high due to the fact that the prediction engine has made the right match at the beginning of the interaction.  This new ability will give the sales representatives and marketing managers the opportunity to maximize profits and avoid costly mistakes while maintaining a high level of service to the customer.

Ability to know which customer is likely to buy in this point in time
On demand analysis of all prospect likelihood to purchases
A list of all relevant indicators that Influence the tendency to make a purchase 


You will get a pre-made data set that is based on AlgoTrace knowledge gained through conducting multiple successful campaign management models. This will allow you to jump start your own project and the start to finish time will be reduced to only a few days.