With the QuantML platform, AlgoTrace provides the power of Machine Learning (ML) and AI predictive analytics to process financial data, creating prediction models that our clients then turn into robust trading strategies.

Our mission
We assist professionals and researchers to find alphas in agile, no-code, and fully automated processes based on financial and trading data.
Machine Learning and AI at your hands
With QuantML Quants and financial analysts find the best alphas faster than ever before by using a sophisticated combination of ML and AI algorithms for data exploration and predictive modeling creation.
Our QuantML platform is a no-code, fully automated system with more than 20 embedded algorithms. We put the power of ML at the hands of our clients to make the process of reveling alphas fast and stable over time.

Squeezing time for superior results
ML research products are currently in high demand but traditional ML takes a very long time – hundreds of hours are required to find and test each alpha that is replaced after a short period time on the market. QuantML reduces the time to market by 70%-80%.
We achieve such remarkable results by harnessing the power of machines to simultaneously run and analyze more than 20 algorithms, each with its own specific parameters. We let the computer power handle the substantial work of treating each algorithm with its specific tuning, and let the researcher analyze results.

Alphas revealing process
We support the full alphas discovering flow for achieving superior results. By following our systematic automated research flow, our clients are able to get results that are accurate, robust, and profitable.
The QuantML full process ensures the best alphas are found as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Actionable projects
With the right data, the QuantML platform can be used for any financial instrument. Our clients use the tool for creating prediction models and data exploration for targeting trading binary and continuous outcomes. There is no need to master mathematical algorithms or invest time in understanding complex algorithms. QuantML will take care of the whole process based on the target variable, determined by the analyst.

Security and Data Privacy
Software installation and data usage are on-premise. All data and model results are stored on client’s infrastructure. Whether it’s personal computer or servers farm, nothing leaves the confines of the organization.
Our code is stored in a cloud and it operates locally on demand. It is efficiently updated and controlled.

Supporting our clients
We value each one of our clients and strive to make sure that our clients take full advantage using QuantML. We support each client because we understand that developing prediction models is a complex task. Our Customer Success representatives are Data Scientists that provide our clients with end to end support, until a complete prediction model is fully functional.