Industry 4.0

Industrial organizations are facing the fourth wave of technology change. This change will bring to the forefront, the opportunity to connect and drive insights from IoT, sensors and smart machinery data.
AlgoTrace provides machinery and industrial organizations the ability to harness the power of Machine Learning and AI for their benefit. Our solution is a non-code platform that executes prediction modelling automatically based on data provided by loggers, machines sensors, and production floor data streams incorporated with financial and marketing data.

Industrial organizations use AlgoTrace’s software tool to become pro-active in the field of production efficiency, inventory planning and machine failure prediction as well as other data-driven events.
Here are some use cases we have already accomplished:

Use case Practical Use Cases
Machine failure prediction Using predictive modeling techniques to alert machine failure before it actually occurs
Providing predictive safety alerts By using data collected from safety procedures, on-field training information, and hazard events AlgoTrace software tool is able to provide management level with alerts on future safety events.
Accurate pro-active maintenance plan Predictive modelling provides technicians and production line managers with the information needed to prevent production floor failure based on future events records.
Holistic into-the-future analysis for individual  facilities By predicting the risk factors and efficiency factors for each facility and combining them with economic and marketing data, management can better plan future needs concerning human resources, inventory and specific facility metrics.
Preventing inventory shortage Predictive algorithms are used to predict inventory levels and ensure that SKU inventory levels are optimized, based on predicted demand.