At AlgoTrace we focus on revealing the most important yet delicate relations between a host and a guest. AlgoTrace’s solution helps to quickly and accurately optimize the positive response of hotel and guest touching points.
By using predictive analytics, service and sales can be tailored for specific guest needs while preserving process and economic efficiency for the hotel. We’ve implemented a variety of predictive models for classification and estimation problems for hotel chains.
Our solution is a non-code software product that executes prediction modelling automatically, it can be utilised by hospitality companies for tackling different problems in customer service, marketing, leads generation and for understanding lifetime value for their loyalty program.
Here are some use cases we have already accomplished:

Use case Description
Predicting clients churn Using data mining techniques to better identify customers with a high likelihood of  loyalty program churn
Price optimization Using personalized customers past vacation details AlgoTrace’s solution can better adjust the right price for the right client at the right time.
Geographical analysis for marketing campaigns Using Geographical data to better design marketing campaigns and driving more insights for each valued customer.
Providing the ability for cross-selling and upselling offering By predicting the likelihood of each client to respond to a cross-selling and up-selling offering, marketing managers can better approach different segments of client’s base.
Increasing customer satisfaction Using advanced predictive analyses for increasing customer satisfaction by predicting future needs for each client while on the visit.