We are the preferred choice for agile predictive analytics of Health Care Providers that seek a flexible and rich analysis platform.
Our clients are hospitals, medical research institutions and privately held medical technologies startups.
Our solution provides them with an automated patterns detection with the ability to perform predictive analytics for classification and estimation problems.
Here are some use cases we have accomplished:

Use case Description
Increasing diagnoses accuracy Using data mining techniques to better diagnose specific types of cancer tumors
Helping preventive medicine and public health Using blood tests and demographic attributes to predict the risk for a specific illness like the risk/likelihood of having high blood pressure over time
Providing physicians with accurate sickness’s causes for individual patients Using personalized risk scoring and treatment per each patient will yield better treatment outcomes
Providing healthcare facilities and hospitals with predictions of time durations of patients staying in specific medical facilities By predicting the risk factors and healing/treatment durations, hospitals can better stock up and plan ahead their resources allocation such as the beds’ capacity
Pharmaceutical companies can use predictive analytics to best meet the public needs for medications and treatments (Personalization) Advanced predictive analyses can reduce time to market of a treatment based on predicting the treatment effect on a specific group of patients with different attributes