Finance & Insurance

We have implemented a variety of predictive models for complex classification and estimation problems for financial and insurance organizations.
Our platform is a non-code platform that executes prediction modelling automatically. Insurance and financial institutions use it for tackling different problems in underwriting processing, marketing, loans default prediction and customers’ risk valuation.
Here are some use cases we have already accomplished:

Use case Description
Predicting risk of loans default Using data mining techniques to better identify customers with a high likelihood of default
Price optimization Using personalized customers’ financial and behavioural scoring to better adjust the right price for each financial offer.
Geographical analysis for marketing campaigns Using Geographical data to understand broad behavioural insights that can be used to better cater for our clients segments.
Providing the ability for cross-selling and upselling offering By predicting the likelihood of each client to respond to a cross-selling and up-selling offering, marketing managers can better approach different segments of client’s base.
Underwriting processing optimization Advanced predictive analyses can reduce errors while in underwriting processing. Our algorithms can detect and evaluate risk factor for each client based on organization knowledge and past similar clients’ behaviour.